Apostle A.D., Jr. & Pastor Mary Smith have been married for 40 years and have three children, one daughter-in-law, and three granchildren.  Apostle A.D. Smith, Jr. has been in the ministry for fifty-one years, pastoring for the last thirty-five years. He is the overseer of Antioch Church, where his wife, Prophetess Mary Smith, serves as Pastor.


The Antioch Baptist Church was organized in 1898, on Tchulahoma Road in Memphis,Tennessee by Reverend Frank Barr.  In 1964, the Church was destroyed by fire. For several years, services were held at a Union Hall until the original structure at 3639 Faulkner Road was built in March of 1970.

On May 10, 1984,  A.D. Smith Jr. was elected Pastor of Antioch Church.  Pastor Smith began reorganizing and strengthening old auxiliaries by giving them encouragement and incentives for a workable program.  Pastor Smith also saw the need for teaching ministries and family oriented activities.

In January 1987, additions were completed with needed classrooms, kitchen, additional bathrooms,  fellowship hall, baptismal and Pastor’s office.  In October of 2000, Pastor Smith, Jr. became a full-time Pastor. Just as he has always believed, "The psychological, as well as the spiritual state of a church, changes when it's leader is always available."


In 2001, a very vibrant early morning worship service was added to the church Sunday services. In 2005, our present edifice was erected which included: a new Pastor’s office, spacious bathrooms, a tower, overflow hallways, as well as beautiful sanctuary. 

Over the years, Antioch has experienced tremendous growth, both physically and spiritually.  On July 14, 2013, Antioch Church moved to a new spiritual level and entered the apostolic realm. Through a "holy ordination", the Lord promoted Pastor Smith to the Office of the Apostle.  


During Apostle Smith’s tenure, several new and thriving ministries have been instituted:  Marriage Ministry (MYRIT), Women’s Spiritual Support Retreat (WSSR), Saved, Single & Set Free, Men At Worship, Ministry Teams, Intercessory Ministry, Youth & Young Adult Ministry and The Return Praise Dance School.

Apostle Smith graduated from Manassas High School in 1967, then further pursued his education by graduating from American Baptist Theological Seminary and also Union University Seminary Extension. Pastor Mary graduated from Bishop Byrne High School and attended Memphis State University and Union University Seminary Extension. She also co-authored "12 Step Spiritual Workout: A 12 Month Daily Devotional for Women." 

Men's Pastor   Pastor Eric D. Miller, Sr.

Youth Pastor  Pastor Karolyn (KJ) Miller



Youth Pastor  Pastor A.D. Smith, III