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October 12, 2001, marked the beginning of the Women's Spiritual Support Retreat (WSSR). The Lord gave Prophetess Mary Smith a vision of women coming together in spiritual support of one another at Antioch. God wanted women of every denomination, color, and creed to come together in Spiritual Support of each other! 

God said that there would be NO boundaries that the women could not cross.  They would help each other out of bondage, yokes, and ‘pits’, where the enemy had ensnared us.  Women would be able to come together and share their hurts, pain, suffering, shortcomings, and be HEALED and DELIVERED...right here at the Women’s Retreat! 

Women would gain strength from each other and be able to go back to our churches, families, and jobs, stronger in the Lord than ever before!  They would know who we truly are and who they belong to. They would no longer need validation from our careers, people, or things, but we would wait only upon God (Psalm 62:1).

Since its inception, the vision has expanded beyond the walls of Antioch. Presently, the WSSR has established satelites in the areas of St. Louis, MO and Atlanta, GA.

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