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When you stand before God and man to proclaim marriage vows to each other, you say "Yes" to many promises. Yet, when the marriage is actually launched and the distractions of life begin to overshadow your love for each other, will your "Yes" remain intact?

On May 15, 2011, during Antioch's 11am Sunday Worship, Pastor 3rd made such a profound testimony about the actual committment that one makes to God in marriage. We say "Yes" to so many promises, yet we find ourselves becoming distracted away from the perfect will of God in our marriages. When the cares of life begin to weigh us down, we forget, or don't care to remember, what we promised God.  However, you should be able to say at all times, no matter what...

My Yes Remains Intact!

Join other couples in this powerful ministry centered on five simple promises to ensure that your "Yes" remains intact:

  • I promise to conform my beliefs to God's truth
  • I promise to be filled by God
  • I promise to find God's best in every trial
  • I promise to listen and communicate with love
  • I promise to serve you all the days of my life


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