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Apostle's Vision of Growth


  • Corporately, that Jesus has no words of rebuke or condemnation of Antioch Church...that we achieve the status of the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia.

  • Individually, that we have a hunger and a thirst for the things of God. We will become a community of spirit-filled believers and we will not accept complaceny or lethargy.


  • To acquire most of the property on Faulkner Road.

  • A Family Life Center

  • A building for the aged and/or substance abuse.

  • Enlarged structure that supports and enlarged kitchen, finance room, and additional classrooms.


  • To become a tithing church and move from the average church in giving.

  • To be sufficient enough to support evangelism, locally and abroad.

  • To have a ministry to help the poor.

  • To help or assist members to attend college.

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