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Antioch Church is blessed to have it's own liturgical dance school         on-site. Pastor Jamesetta Roach, of The Throne Room Worship Center and JRO Divinity Dance School in St. Louis, MO, has established a satellite within our walls to train local churches in the ministry of dance.

Students complete a course of study where they learn:

  • The fundamentals of self-evaluation, repentance, intimacy and spiritual warfare
  • To practice application of the Word of God to produce kingdom results
  • Basic techniques of selected types of dance 
  • How to use powerful choreography that will remove burdens and destroy yokes in the lives of God’s people

Completion of The Return Dance School is a pre-requisite for joining an Antioch dance ministry. For additional information, please contact our Site Coordinator, Minister Carola Harris.

Visit our store to purchase a copy of Pastor Roach's book, "Why Do I Dance?"

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